This year Summit will host speakers from the world’s leading companies.
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Head of HR Automation & Innovation
Chief Human Resources Officer
Head of HR – Northern and Central Europe
Executive Director, Group HR
Head of People Digital Tools
Executive Vice President HR


Selected Case Studies from the Agenda

Markus SCHWARZENBOCKExecutive Vice President HR

Managing expectations of a multi-generational workforce

For the first time in Siemens’ history, a significant number of distinguished generations are working shoulder to shoulder.

Since the generational aspect in this global company is country-specific, it makes the management of workforce expectation even more complex. How do we reduce the complexity to unleash the maximal potential of a multi-generational workforce? What is our experience to understand the differences and common expectations across generations? We share with you our recommendations, actions, and lessons learned to open further horizons for discussion and exchange.

  • People analytics solutions for the multi-generational workforce
  • Generational differences at the workplace
  • Strategic view of HR business partners on workforce expectation
  • Values, beliefs, and company-wide programs such as Ownership, Transformation towards Level-less, Unconscious Bias, OYC, and Digital Learning, to bridge generations across the globe
Mark HAGEBAUMHead of HR Automation & Innovation
Deutsche Telekom

HR in the digital age

Digitalization is hitting all areas of telecommunication companies. How does HR support their employees to work in the digital age? This presentation will some tangible examples of how Deutsche Telekom AG is supporting their employees in Europe with new technologies and innovations to prepare them for the future of work.

  • The use of VR in HR trainings
  • Chatbots in HR service
  • Mobilization of HR services
  • Gamification to increase employee’s engagement
Burak BAKKALOGLUHead of HR - Northern and Central Europe

Telecom sector in change and leading in it

Telecom sector and its ecosystem are changing. With the new digital context and the unknown changes it will bring in, the horizon requires a different approach towards people management and relationship management. As Ericsson, we tried to prepare our leaders in Northern and Central Europe towards that future.

  • People challenges in the telecom Industry
  • What will the digitalization bring?
  • A possible approach to handle them
Michael MASSETChief Human Resources Officer

Why and how to transform the HR activity in a more digital way?

The economy and the business emphasize the need to digitalize the activity in order to be more competitive. In this context, the HR function has a central role to play to educate all the employees and support the management in this tremendous challenge. The presentation will address a vision of what can be implemented and how the use of more digital products impacts the HR function.

  • Description of traditional HR organization
  • Analysis of various possible tools to manage HR
  • Description of a potential new HR structure